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Cast Iron Pans, Cleaning Cast Iron Pans with Salt , Using Salt for Cleaning sense in keeping the pan seasoned with little effort ( salt for scouring),

I think the best way to season a cast iron skillet is to use it. . If you are using a little salt and pepper, sprinkle that on the cooking surface before

They added a second baking, but still no salt .] As a side note, I've only oven seasoned my old cast iron skillet once since I bought it vs. the newer ones a

Then wipe out the salt and oil. From this point on, do not use soap on your cast iron . Seasoning your Cookware. 11. Heat your oven to 220-240 F. Coat the

17 Aug 2006 Seasoning a cast - iron skillet with oil builds up an artificial a paper towel and an abrasive such as salt , then reapply vegetable oil.

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