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30 AD/CE), also known as Jesus Christ , is the central figure of Christianity . Jesus ' ministry lasted around one year , according to the Synoptic Gospels, Most Christians commemorate Jesus ' crucifixion on Good Friday and celebrate

But Muhammad and the Quran say that Christ was not crucified . Muhammad appeared on the scene about 600 years after Jesus . Muhammad claimed to receive

18 Feb 2000 Can we know what year . Jesus was Crucified ? -by Tony Warren. There are some Theologians who say place the crucifixtion of Christ at 32 A.D.,

The crucifixion of Jesus Christ and His resurrection are the two most Crucifixion of Jesus Christ - His Eternal Gift What does the crucifixion of Jesus

Sci Law 1970; 10:14-26), Mikulicz-Radeeki FV (The chest wound in the crucified Christ . Med News 1966;14:30-40), Davis CT (The crucifixion of Jesus : The

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