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9 Oct 2006 Vegan Bento . I've been feeling inspired and amazed lately by . Will the recipes in your book be scaled down to shmoo-size for lunches?

25 Jun 2008 Based on this recipe , minus all the sauces and seasonings. * stir-fried broccoli with chopped garlic. Vegetarian bento 2. img-80021.jpg

A month of random bento shots. All totally Vegan :) Recipes and more pics under the cut. ( click the cut for pics & information ). Current Mood: sleepy

Practical and fun bento box tips and ideas, healthy bento recipes from Japan and the world. Bento no. 67: Zucchini Two Ways Vegetarian Bento

When I first made it I packed a rectangle bento and threw it in the freezer. Slightly changes from the "Lemon Gem Cupcakes" recipe from Vegan with a

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